Dustin Michael has a new hit "Pinata"
Dustin Michael has a new hit “Piñata”

Attn: Ladies! JOIN DUSTIN MICHAEL  “Meet & Greet” 12:30- 2:30″ #BlockParty #CentennialPARK #BirthdayBash

                                   Address: 265 Park Avenue West Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30313

Many of you may be wondering who is this hot good looking young urban artist slaying the ladies with his heart dropping music. Well, half of you may recognize him from the Sean Combs (Diddy’s) protege group B5 which became very popular after releasing a remake of the Jackson 5 song “All I Do.” Well, Dustin Michael Breeding is more than just a child super star artist and former boy band lead singer.

Dustin Michael
Dustin Michael

He’s back on the scene with a hot new single “Piñata” (now available on itunes) that’s sweeping the clubs as one of the hottest new records in the streets. Since being released from Bad Boy records after 2 successful albums B5 and Bad Boys gracefully parted ways and the group would later sign with the legendary record label Motown in 2010. After releasing another banger “Say Yes” which garnered over 5.5 million views on you tube, the talented lead singer decided it was time to develop his solo career primarily due to problems with management.

The first single Dustin released as a solo artist would be the single “Pay it Forward” followed by a sexy, scenic, romantic and steamy music video. A powerful message was sent through this video to pay homage to those who at the time recently lost loved ones who fell victim to terrorist attacks which took place in Paris at the time.

All grown up Dustin Michael is back on the scene and ready to turn up! There is so much great music on the way! Please join us at Centennial Park on June 18th for the 2016 Birthday Bash Block Party at high noon and see what Dustin and his team have been cooking up in the lab and serving the top DJs in these Atlanta streets.

For media inquiries email Whyjonellpr@gmail.com

Block Party Centennial Park 12noon June 18th Be there!
Block Party Centennial Park 12noon June 18th Be there!



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