You want to make the right choices when choosing the best publicity firm to accomplish goals for your business. Examine the following to ensure you are making the best decision when determining who can help you with your brand. The information stated below was from a great article on the subject of publicity nightmares. Read on, and then make sure you contact us for your appointment.

Is this the right firm to achieve my campaign goals?

Corinne Liccketto, director of sales at Smith Publicity, says that by stating your goals beforeany contract comes into the picture, you are providing a firm or individual with a clear set of expectations. “A trustworthy firm will be able to evaluate your goals and truly determine if their services are the right fit for you,” says Liccketto. “Make a list of questions that coincide with your goals for a campaign so you know where to start.”

Who do they know?

Ask about the relationships the team has with your targeted media outlets. Strong relationships yield better media results. If the agency specializes in promoting authors and your campaign goal is to promote a new tech gadget, they won’t be a good fit because they aren’t likely to have contacts in the tech world. “Not knowing the limitations of a firm can lead to major disappointment when you thought your service included something they simply aren’t capable of,” warns Liccketto.

What is the payment structure?

Some firms charge on a pay-for-placement basis while others charge on retainer. Liccketto recommends asking questions about the payment structures: “What is the charge of the pay-for-placements and do they differ for national, regional, and local placements?”  Also ask if there a limit to the number of solid placements for a team working on retainer.

What about references and results?

“Always ask for 3-5 clients and journalists that you can contact to learn about their experience with the agency,” suggests Haas. Also ask the clients about the results that the agency has produced for them.



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